Why my prayers weren’t answered.

Why do I ask God for a job and get none? Why didn’t God cure me, my family, etc.? Why did not God put salvation into my relatives, family member, children, etc.? If God is so great, why didn’t he save my loved one from their death bed?

As a believer in God, I feel the need to share God’s Word. I hope you enjoy the reading and also get something out of it. I began to teach at Latter Rain Ministries recently. It all started with me going to bible study and teaching small sections of the bible to our class. Understand that I was always apart of the Church and my parents and grandparents are preachers. Like everyone…I led myself to sin and allowed it to control me for almost 13 years! Although being raised in the Church, I fell very hard and stayed down for a year and a half. That year and a half was the darkest time of my life. Things were complete chaos and every time I tried to do something it failed. I felt like I was nothing…I was at my rock bottom. Many will not believe some of the changes I made in my life today, but it is those changes that fixed my “cistern” and have allowed me to become who I am. A child of God.

I seem to always run into my fellow brothers and sisters who question God because they didn’t receive what they asked for… Many of them asked for salvation, a sign, healing, blessings, financial help, a miracle…you name it. These are all very good things to ask for and God can give it to you. But wait a minute… Why do I ask God for a job and get none? Why didn’t God cure me/my family/my mother/etc.? Why did not God put salvation into my relative/family member/children/etc.? If God is so great, why didn’t he save my loved one from their death bed? It’s a hard thing to think about and realize. But I know one thing…God does not make mistakes, nor does he not give. In fact, he gives consistently and pours out his blessing daily! But why are we not “receiving” these things?


Jeremiah 2:13

For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

The scripture is very clear. Two evils…

  1. forsaken God
  2. hewed them out broken cisterns

In this scripture God was telling Jeremiah about his people, better known as Israel. You see, something happened when the people of Israel were freed from Egypt’s slavery. The people of Israel were promised a land filled with milk and honey. The land of Canaan was a promise from God. When Israel was freed, God immediately made his people the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments were given to the people for instruction. Instruction on how to love God and how to love your neighbor. He was giving structure to Israel’s way of life. But Israel didn’t listen…They began to disobey God by not following his instruction.

Suddenly Israel came upon Canaan! Their promised land! God kept his word in giving them a land filled with milk and honey. God GAVE the people of Israel their promise! He basically said here is your land, take it. But Israel couldn’t RECEIVE it.

It sounds crazy, but even when God said here is your land, your inheritance…Israel was not able to receive God’s promise….Weird huh?! Instead Israel believed in a bad report. A report from a few spies that mentioned the mightiness of the people who occupied their land. God was going to give them Canaan but bad reports got in the way, nae sayers got in the way, soon they began to lose faith, hope, freedom, God’s promise, God’s way. They lost their way so bad they forsake God (1st Evil) by rebelling from God’s promise and decided to move back into slavery with the Egyptians. What a crazy thought huh!? Then they elected a leader because Moses didn’t seem to be doing anything good for them…In other words, they took matters into their own hands. Israel began to live according to their own instruction, not Gods…You see…when we begin to live life our own way, we are building our own cistern. The moment Israel committed the 2nd Evil (hewed themselves cisterns), the moment God’s promise slipped right through them. God poured his blessing out to Israel, the promised land, but Israel had a broken cistern because they built it themselves. A broken cistern which resulted in their blessing being postponed. Think about it, if there is a hole in your jug(cistern) you can’t keep water in it, it will run on out and your jug will be empty. You basically have a bottomless cup! See picture!

God is teaching us something. Now think back to when we asked God for something and we didn’t seem to receive it…Making sense? If not think about it this way… God is a power that is so great that it can not be held my man… man can’t hold God’s power…it’s impossible. But with God, all things are possible. Meaning, if you allow God to build you up…If you follow God’s instructions and live life according to God’s way, then you can hold his power. If you allow God to build you…you will be able to hold God’s power… Like we talked about before…God doesn’t make any mistakes…and he will surely not make a mistake when he builds you up…in fact, God is going to build you with no holes, faults or cracks…When God builds a cistern, the cistern is perfect. When God builds you, you will be able to receive God’s blessings.

So allow God to build you from the ground on up…that way when you ask for help, blessing, healing, etc. it will be given unto you. And this time, because your cistern was made with the help of God, you will be able to receive from God. Meaning when God pours you out healing, blessing, wisdom, etc. it stays within you. Then you can enjoy what God has given you!

For those of you who don’t know. I gave up all bar and casino gigs with our band. It was a tough thing to do but very necessary… It’s one thing that has been bugging me for so long. I believe it was one thing that was truly getting in the way of my faith and receiving. The bible talks about evil communication corrupts good manner. Communication means a whole lot of things especially with association. I realized when I make association with these things that go against God’s word, I’m not being completely faithful to God. Might sound weird but I am the happiest I have ever been. I’m striving forward the best I ever have. Everything changed…

The moment I gave “everything” to God. The moment I made him top priority. That is the time God blessed me so much with musical opportunities, jobs, a vehicle, a miracle with my youngest daughter, finances. All within a 2 week period. I could not believe the outcome. The gifts from God are still coming! I am glad I fixed my cistern!

Ask God to help you build your cistern and witness all the wonderful out pour from him!

Amen. God Bless You!