the User eXperience of Shower Handles part 2

a few weeks ago I wrote about the bad experience I had with Homewood Suite’s shower handles:

How lucky i was to travel the very next week back to Birmingham and stay in a Hampton Inn. Perfect chance to check out their shower handles. Lo and behold the experience was perfect! The handle looked and behaved EXACTLY as I expected it to (and exactly opposite as Homewood Suite’s did). Hooray! They either employed UX designers, or did customer testing, or hopefully did both!

Here are some pics of the shower handle at the Hampton Inn:

(Don’t forget I typically shower without my contacts and am mostly blind without corrective lenses, hence the blurry photos showing closer to what I see)

Notice how the long part points to the temp you want. Just what you (or at least I) would expect. Unlike the Homewood Suites handle which has a teeny tiny notch pointing to the temp you want and the long pointer looking part points opposite the temp you want.

Yay Hampton. Way to go for good shower handle UX. :) It was so delightful to take a shower and have the handle behave exactly as it indicated it would.

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