It’s Time to Kill the Monthly Fee for Small Accounts
Adam Nash

I’m still not certain if I would go with Betterment, but Adam managed to drain all goodwill I had for Wealthfront with his self-lauding, thinly-veiled attack ad / press release. Of course, it would be silly to choose one service over the other based on their marketing schemes, but going forward, it will be hard not to think “hack job” every time I see another article-ad for Wealthfront.

For a more balanced appraisal of Adam’s announcement, you might want to check out this CNBC article.

It is probably worth noting that while Apple’s success (Adam worked there, don’t you know?) was at times punctuated by pithy and humorous Windows attack ads, the backbone of that success has been quality products and superlative user experiences. Apple computers and peripherals were truly in a different class than most Windows devices at the time. Maybe Wealthfront will get there, but the proof in the pudding is in the eating, and I haven’t see a particularly strong indication that Wealthfront is outperforming any of its robo-investing competition (if it were, I’m sure Adam would have mentioned it).

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