Michael Delcour
Jul 17, 2016 · 1 min read

It seems that with the increased global opportunity fueled by social and economic reforms and expanded freedoms, we can expect an increase in global terrorism as well. The world is so much smaller than it was even a decade ago, and with further technological development, will only become more so. Ultimately, I believe in the power of freedom and economic opportunity as the ultimate cure to the evils of our world. Everyone, even suicide bombers, have a tipping point where life is just too good to throw away. We all just need to keep our wits and push forward without tightening and limiting the freedoms that have got us to this point. To that end, your message and the means by which you are sharing are essential! Thank you so much for your optimism!

Michael Delcour

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Creatively and efficiently solving problems through technology, collaboration, and experience. delcoursolutions.com/bio

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