Francois Martinez

In the Request lifecycle, no database connections exists when we start it. Laravel will make sure to connect the main connection automatically, but the tenant connection is triggered in the 3rd stage of the request (bootstrap, route, middleware, controller). Each request will reconnect based on session information (could be token as well). The usage of the reconnect word in the trait is because I don’t want to give the impression that you can connect to as much tenants as you want. If you call reconnect, you’re gonna DROP the current tenant connection and establish (reconnect) a new one. It also have the benefit of consistency with DB::reconnect, which is how you tell Laravel to clean a connection configuration and start from scratch.

My Company model is not a tenant table, it is a main table. After connecting to the main database, I can get a list of tenants that I have from the Company model and connect to it’s specific database.

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