Computers “talk” over ordinary voice phone lines through modems.

The main problem with HTTP is that today, it’s used in a way that it wasn’t designed to be used.

HTTP is very efficient at transferring an individual file.

But it wasn’t designed to transfer a large number of small files efficiently, and this is exactly what the protocol is called upon to do with today’s websites.

Some of us, the so-called overqualified, did not learn at school how to code for the web. We were just putting our hands dirt on work. These may be the answer to your question why at Segonquart Studio, this yours manages and develop projects the way he does. Because of HTTP , a.k.a. RFC2616, matters.

You may want to read the complete article about the main problem, written by John Brodkin.

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The Macintosh was the first successful mouse-driven computer with a graphical user interface and was based on the Motorola 68000 microprocessor.

Website of Rotulos Sagarra SA, a family laundery money company located in Barcelona, Spain
Website of Rotulos Sagarra SA, a family laundery money company located in Barcelona, Spain
Another Segonquart Studio’s delivered solution

Rotulos Sagarra SA is a century-old company, based in BCN. They say they are dedicated to signage, monoliths, ceilings, and corporate signage elements.

In the year 2013, this centenary company relied on the expertise of Segonquart Studio, and this yours truly, placing its trust in us; for its digital marketing strategy, art direction, advice and consultancy,

They required a solid presence in the medium of the web, and a beginning path in the field of e-commerce in the digital world.

The project, the approach and the solution offered, was finished already in 2014, and in 2015 had its renewal. What…

On September 23, 2008, T-Mobile launched the G1 (HTC Dream)

Information Technology and Boundary of the Firm: Evidence from Plant-Level Data, a working paper in which Chris Forman & Kristina McElheran study the relationship between different margins of information technology (IT) use and vertical integration.

Focusing on the short-run decision of whether to allocate production output to downstream plants within the same firm or to external customers, we find that customer-focused IT, by itself, has surprisingly little impact.

Worth a read. Via HBS

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Polaroid discontinued their instant film cameras in 2008 when digital cameras took over.

8 years ago, I received a personal, private, invitation to join Pinterest, the so-called social catalog.

FistBar! Official at PInterest
FistBar! Official at PInterest

Pinterest had then a shared knowledge principle. Mobile explosion was then in it’s early stages.

Pinterest was built for the user of desktop browsers. Once a frame is seen on the web, the profile add it to its own catalogue.

The grid of images offered was, speaking in terms of UX/UI design, a truly new approach in visual communication. An approah has become, de facto. an standard of visuals for over a decade.

To the youngstar readers of ths, your, blog; may found curious…

Doskey is an MS-DOS utility that allows the user to keep a history of all commands used on a computer

Expert Python Programming Model
Expert Python Programming Model

Atomisator, is a companion web-site and a free framework for the book Expert Python Programming; written by Monsieur Tarek Ziadé.

Tarek is CTO at Ingeniweb living in Paris, Vive La France while working on Python, Zope, Plone technology and on Quality Assurance.

He has been involved for 5 years in the Zope community, and has contributed to the Zope code itself.

Tarek has also created Afpy, a.k.a the French Python User Group as well as he has written two books in French language on Python.

He has gave numerous talks and tutorials in French and international events like Solutions Linux, Pycon, OSCON, or EuroPython.

Chapter 10th of his book has a preview here.

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Computers have to communicate down the hall, as well as globally.

Hey, we are in 2009.

Mr. Nick Mudge suggest in an interesting article.

A written article on Javascript, considered it as harmful as assembly.


Nearly twelve years ago, I faced those departments of one of those spaniard Universities, as usual this yours truly was kindly rejected as an IT man for a deep believe that no other ut JavaScript was the new tool in the arena of programming languages.


Twelve years ago, recalling that moment, every single second, there was the need to make clear distinction between Java and JavaScript, in all those project programmers interviews by who might be…

Early networks successfully connected computers.

Most mainstream statically typed programming languages (Java, C++, Ada) let the programmer parameterize data structures and algorithms by types. The general term for this mechanism is parametric polymorphism, which is called “generics” in Java and “templates” in C++. Parametric polymorphism allows the same piece of code to be used with different type instantiations.

Vincent Cremet, Philippe Altherr, “Adding Type Constructor Parameterization to Java”, in Journal of Object Technology, vol. 7, no. 5, Special Issue: Workshop on FTfJP 07, June 2008, pp. 25–65.

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Today, I have kindly received a letter, inviting me to join the MR Club.

Appreciatting your proposal, I must kindly say that holdingthe solid opinion that this our present economical thrill that floats around, will be expanded [End of 2009, maybe? Who knows], and it will too affect to the world of credits cards; to prevent any failure in my current business day I would not accept your offer. Really. Sincerely.

I also have blocked my ordinary plastic cards. Say I am afraid and cautious. Guess you are right.

But as soon this thrill ( referring to economics) will be over , I will accept the membership you have gentle offered to me. I promise you.

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The term selfie started to become popular in 2005.

Note from the editor: Links and content of this posts, written in September of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

The Internet was built without a way to know who and what you are connecting to. Or so it seems, and so that was said to us.

With the single and solid purpose to clear and stablish a simple, consistent experience surfing in the net’s sea, while enabling separation of contexts through multiple operators and technologies, Dr. Kim S. Cameron, [Architect of Identity and Access at Microsoft Corporation], exposes the laws of identity.


Toshiba released the first HD DVD player in Japan on March 31, 2006.

Deixa’m en Pau, a documentray website produced and designed at Segonquart Studo
Deixa’m en Pau, a documentray website produced and designed at Segonquart Studo

Hippies always puts you in trouble.

Remember that old motto:” Never trust a hippie…”?

Then add, if you please, some kumbes, snurfers, or whoever else you might consider.

Deixa’m en Pau, a web-site about a hippy, has been flavoured with minor updates. Today.

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