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My name is Ángel. I am a Physicist working on AI. Follow me in Twitter and Github

What are the new features and why are they so important to be the first major release?

Image from Unsplash (Mae Mu)

It has been 14 years and 24 beta releases since the beginning of Scikit-Learn and finally, it has reached its 1.0 release. …

Understand if the model does not perform well because of a bad model selection or because of noise in the training data with a real example.

Image: The School of Athens by Raphael 1509


One of the most common problems in Machine Learning when you build and train a model and you check its accuracy is “Is the accuracy the best I can get from the data or could a find a better model?”.

Also, once your model is deployed, the next common question…

Decision path implementation in Gradient Boosting that proves local explainability without any XAI method.

Photo by trevor pye on Unslash: We liked this forest, as we like explainability

Authors: Bea Hernández @chucheria, Ángel Delgado @thinbaker

1. Motivation

In machine learning the ensemble of tree models such as Random Forest (RF) and Gradient Boosting (GB) have given great results in classification and regression problems such as the house price prediction.

A friend and I have been working in a house price…


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