How i got to be working for a silicon valley startup while having greatest adventures in the caribbean

My name is Luis. I’m a twenty-two year old software engineer ( student ) and i live and have always lived in Dominican Republic, a place that is filled with tons of beautiful mountains, beaches, roads, you name it. However when it comes to software, well we’re getting there, we have an awesome community of truly dedicated and enthusiast engineers who are seeking to become the best they can, i’m one of them.

After a while of developing small and medium projects i decided i was ready for the real deal, i didn’t want to freelance, i didn’t want some corporate job with a lot of bureaucracy, i wanted to work and learn from the best. After some time looking for cool companies i found ezhome, a really early startup founded by two great entrepreneurs with great track record so this was it. My dream job.

It’s been almost 11 months, i now have friends in California, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, India, Brasil, Venezuela and i could keep going, i learn and work with truly awesome engineers who focus on nothing but quality of software and helping our company grow as fast as it can through software, and since i don’t have to commute, i get to travel, have awesome adventures and share them with everyone to motivate remote working.

Follow me on Instagram to have an idea how it is, @delgiudices .

And guess what? We’re hiring! We’re looking for great people all around that share the same passion, you can see the open positions here.