Best Proofreading Tools to Check Article Quality Online

If you are a content writer or a blogger then you very much aware that how content quality attract users to read full article and come to your website or blog again and subscribe it. Making a quality content and proofread it is one of the highest time consuming job. I am from India and English is not my mother tongue. I know very well that I am not a very good writer but I am still trying to write quality articles to serve my visitors better. Many WordPress Plugins and proofread tools are available in the market to check spellings and grammar but some of them are my favorites which I use to proof read my articles and today I am going to explain these tools to you so that I can also get some reviews on them.

Polish my writing is one of the best and easy to use tools to proofread an article. This tool is able to find out spell mistakes, grammatical errors and also provides style suggestions through three different colours. It’s an online tool and you need not to download or install anything in your computer.

You can go through this way.

Ginger is second best tool to check errors in your article. It’s available online as well as offline. It provides complete error information about any kind of spell, grammar or style error. You can use it for free.

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Slick write is full with many features. It has many advantages which hardly available in any other tool. It’s not only check grammar, spellings and style but it also has qualities to check verbs, UN common words, prepositions, passive and lots more. I am sure that you will enjoy it.

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One of the best and my favourite proofread tools available online. Website’s Google PR is 5 and Alexa rank is 35000 which shows this tool is quite famous among users. It provides grammar errors, plagiarism errors and also provides writing suggestions. it has robust grammar checker which is able to find out pesky mistakes. It also has grading system which is quite helpful. You must try it at once to find out its best qualities.

You can go through this way.

Another tool to check spellings. It’s also an online tool and freely available over world. It’s also able to check spelling of your complete website with just a click. It works different from above mention tools. It’s also able to check spells in multiple languages. Try it at once through this link. Thanks for spending time here. An article by Digital Cruise.