Country Code Top Level Domains

Written By : Gaurav Heera

CcTLDs means country code top level domains are becoming very famous these days because of unavailability of web addresses with Dot Com Extensions. More and more people are diverting their way to country specific Domain extensions like your web site There is nothing wrong with this strategy but when it comes to target international audience it becomes a headache because according to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, if you are having a country specific domain name then you are limiting your site for that specific country only.

Let’s see what Matt Cutts says on ccTLDs

According to Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) a country specific domain name can be rank and index only in country specific search engines like if you are having a domain name with dot co dot in or dot in extensions then it will rank and index properly in but not n or any other search engine. ccTLDs indicate search engines that your brand name or company is for a specific country.

So it’s very much clear that if we have a country specific domain name then we can target only country specific audience. It will not possible to target international visitors on our website. so if you want to target International traffic then it’s better to buy a top level domain. (Domain names with Dot Com or Dot Org Extensions).

How to Target Country Specific Audience with TLDs

I hope ccTLDs concept is now clear but can we target country specific audience with a top level domain, yes we can. A top level domain (i.e. Dot Com or Dot Org extension) can target global as well as country specific visitors. There are two ways we can set with our website to target our country.

Meta Country Tag: — we can add a Meta Country tag in each page of our website to tell search engines that where we want to promote our website. like

You can add the above tag in head section on each page of your website and if you want to target global visitors then you can replace Country name with “All”.

Webmaster Tool: — we have one more option to set up our targeted country. Through webmaster tools we can do the same. Open your Google Webmaster tool then click on configuration and then settings. You will see a check bar on right side asking (target users in), check this bar and select the specific country you want to target and save settings and exit. If you want global audience then keep it unchecks. An article by Digital Cruise providing Internet Marketing Course in Delhi.

So through these settings you can set your specific country as well as global traffic. Thanks for spending time here. we also provide Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Join us any time.

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