How to Make Money Online with Creative Writing

Creative writing online is actually a part of every content writer who may fall under any genre, creative writing can be very easy and when done, you will always feel that you have been yourself and have listened to your mind words, creative writing online can help you to earn money in many different ways, and of course Creative writing in todays world is highly profitable.

You can start making money through creative writing online through the following ways;

1. Publishing your Creative writing online

Unlike other websites, will just help you to publish your Creative writing online creditables to reach the entire world, you will be the sole owner of this content and whatever you earn through it will be with you. All you have to do here is to open an account at and start adding your Creative contents which may be in the form of a fiction, non-fiction or a thriller book and quote your own price and earn with every sale after that.

2. Participating in Creative writing online contest

Currently you can find numerous websites that posts ‘creative writing online’ contests, where all the creative writers can participate and win prizes, you can join all these websites for free(though some websites may charge a small fee) and start participating in the contests. The contests menu may include fiction writing, persuasive writing, article writing and many such cadres, all you have to do is just write out of brains and hearts and participate to win.

These creative writing online contests have other outside benefits associated with them as well, they are that creative writers can cross check their writing against the other author’s writings and learn from the differences also the writer here will receive many valuable feedbacks which can help him/her to fine-tuned to become a complete writer.

3. Freelance sites encouraging creative writing online.

Now a days it is very easy for anyone to sit back at home and still earn their daily living, creative writing online is one such genre where people can opt to work from home as a freelancer for some temporary employers who hire Creative writers to build their blogs and websites. All you have to do here is to register yourself on these websites and start searching for the creative writing online jobs, and once you find the job you can strike a deal with the employer and fix your bidding prices.

Once you start working as a freelancer for Creative writing online jobs, you can start building your own portfolios and highlight your milestones and attract other employers towards you, once you build the network you can expect the job offers and money to flow like a winter shower, Some of the most popular websites who does support these activities are,,, and

4. Start your own website and affiliate your creative writing online.

starting your own website and hosting it is now very easy and very less expensive, once you have owned a website you can start your Creative writing online work in the form of blogs and articles and create some niche contents by focusing on your set/group of readers, after which you can contact the major websites like, and get affiliate links from them and appropriately place them in your articles/blogs, and then the people who come across to your article in search of these niche content will help you to earn your dollar; And please note that the readers will only enter and read your articles/blogs only if they find it is informative to them, so it is very important to focus on your readers needs and prepare contents accordingly.

5. Creative writing online can also make money by writing valuable reviews for a business and it’s products.

Writing reviews for the business or it’s products will also help you to earn money, Writing review will just help the peer users to get attracted towards that product or business and will also encourage them to spread the word to many other peers. So writing reviews now-a-days has been taken very seriously and it has also become one of the important ways for earning through Creative writing online.

Creative writing online will only succeed and will help you to make money only when you prepare branded contents, branded contents with respect to your sentence builds, sentence continuity and good presentation of the contents and many in the same line will let you to earn the readers for your Creative writing online.

Besides these basic things being patient and bold will just boost your creative writing abilities and will let you to pull out the exact things that you may have had in your brain.

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