How to Make New SEO Strategies in 2016

Written by: Gaurav Heera

Google has changed the face search engine optimization. Google’s web spam team continue to working on its algorithms to find spammers and to get out them from indexing and rankings. Many things which work perfectly in old days have changed. But I saw many webmasters working on the same old age strategies. Today i am going to explain some of the new and advanced strategies of seo which work prefect these days.

SEO Strategies 2016

On Page Optimization

First of all you need to optimize your site’s on page. On page structures of websites are very important. There are a lot of things you need to tune while on page optimizing your site. First you need to optimize your Title then description and then keywords tags. Always use proper and highly relevant keywords to fill these tags.

SEO Friendly Content Writing

Seo friendly content writing means to optimize our content for search engines. Choose right and relevant keywords according to your site’s niche and insert those keywords in your content. But keep one thing in mind that inserting keywords in content make it seo friendly but not in every sentence. Keyword repetition is come under spamming. You can use 2–3% keyword repetition of total content. 
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Content Quality

Content is always be the first point if you are dealing with some online ventures. Google or any other major search engines love to index and promote original content. Content is one of the best signals for search engine to judge the quality of the website. Writing quality content is sometimes difficult but always helps to rank and index faster. It’s also help to improve page rank.

Link Building Strategies

Back links are second most important part of seo. It’s also called off page seo. Google and all other major search engines love to promote sites and blogs having high quality, relevant do follow backlinks from high authority sites. If you are getting links from high quality and relevant sites with do follow attribute then it will definitely increase your page rank along with your site’s traffic. We have many ways to build back links for our site but the four best ways are, Guest Blogging, Articles writing and submissions, Comment Posting and social bookmarking on high pr sites.

Social Media and Networking

Social audience plays a very important role in terms with organic seo as well as with increasing traffic. Social votes are very important for your website these days. Create a business page and profile on all major social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. These sites can help you a lot to increase traffic instantly. You can also you tube for video sharing and to promote your website there.

Using these strategies will definitely help you increasing your site’s traffic and popularity.