How to Report and Help Google Search Spam to Penalize Spam Sites

Internet is full of websites and I must say billion of websites. According to a survey over net 10 lakhs new websites created every day. Now you can imagine that how many sites are available on the net. I saw many companies using automated systems to create websites. These automated software’s copy content and design from other sites and create new ones. This technique is comes under spam according to all major search engines like Google and Bing.

Content Scrappers — A Big Headache for Blogger and Webmasters

It’s a major issue for those who are doing lots of hard work to maintain a good position and reputation of their sites over net and also in the eyes of search engines. If we talk about bloggers then we have to say that this issue is really a big headache for them. They create awesome post by doing lots of hard work day and night and someone simply copying those posts for other websites. I’m also a blogger and facing this issue with my blog also and I know very well that how this issue creates a big headache. I report hundreds of duplicate posts to Google to avoid duplicate content penalty and next day another hundred posts have been created.


Google Panda Penalty for Duplicate Content

Google made a pet called Panda to penalize scrape sites but as we know that it’s an automated system, sometimes this system penalize original sites and ranked scrape sites. Spammers doing lots of hard work to manipulate the results of search engines and it’s really not difficult to manipulate a machine. So at last we need to work hard not only to maintain the quality of our site but also to protect it from scrapers. Today I’m going to explain an updated link from the house of Google to complaint such sites.

Duplicate Content Reporting is an Easy Way

Google is continuously working to filter out quality sites and to get out spammers from SERP. So they created a short link to easily complaint such sites. They are also asking webmasters and bloggers to report such sites so that they can easily improve their search results. And the URL is You just need to fill a short form to report such sites using spam techniques to rank better. we’re also running an Institute - Digital Cruise where We’re offering Digital Marketing Course in Delhi & SEO Course in Delhi.

DMCA Reporting

DMCA is also a tool from Google to complaint duplicate content producing sites. But this way takes time and not so easy. That’s why Google created a new way help it out and you are free to use it.

Written by: Gaurav Heera