Bat Caves of Andhra…

I remember watching adventure horror film Bats when i was a boy of 11 or so. In that movie bats create terror in a town even taking lives of people.So you see, I don’t have pleasant feelings when I hear the creature Bats. Let’s come to real world from reel.

Can you imagine how it feels when you know that hundreds of bats are over your head (less than a meter or so). This is about Akkamahadevi Caves when I visited Srisailam (Click here for Srisailam) . After Darshanam at Srisailam, we had a breakfast of steaming Idli with coconut chutney. During breakfast we inquired locals what we could do ahead after Darshanam in Mallikarjuna Swami temple and the most popular thing seemed was caves. So after knowing the intricacies of the job, we started for the place.

First you have to take a rope way and from there It is a long boat ride. You can make reservations before too but we did it instantly.

Surrounded all the way by mountains and wondering where on earth we are going. It was the best boat ride I ever had.

Clouds Surrounding Nallamalla Hills- view from the boat

It seemed like the boat ride of Shahrukh in swades (provided I don’t assume myself Shahrukh Khan :)).

On the way, you witness fishermen in their round boats or coracle (local name-Parisal) catching fishes.

After one hour amid the mountains, we reached the popular Akkamahadevi caves and it didn’t seem less than an expedition. Soon we reached on the banks which is the base of a hill amid many. After walking on the edge of hill for about 10 minutes, we reach on the entrance of the cave. These are naturally formed caves and caverns used by Yogis for penance and to seek the almighty.

On the way to the Caves

The entrance to the cave is huge but as we move on deeper inside the cave, it is a different story.

It grows dark and wet and you hear the sound of bats. You are given instructions not to use flash lights of mobile phone or cameras as it can irritate the bats lined up just above your head. The very thought that hundreds of bats are lingering over your head is enough to frighten anyone, but just keep moving without making much noise is the mantra. We are told that these kind of wet and dark places are ideally suited to bats. Anyway as we go deep it gets more narrow to the point when only one person can go ahead and all should wait there till his return. At the very end of the cave there is a Shivalinga.

Can’t dare to click pics beyond this point.

It was a very adventurous experience starting from the boat ride amid the best part of Eastern Ghats and then of course the bat caves.

Originally published at on August 21, 2016.

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