The most precious things in the world are why keep delaying your wanderlust due to money constraints. You don’t need to be rich to experience the wonders of travel; at least for the places I am going to discuss with you guys.
Kasol..slow life below a mountain.

Last week in Delhi Metro, I heard some teens talking about Kasol and trek to Kheer Ganga. Kasol is getting very popular among youths not only for the reasons you know but the sheer beauty of Parbati valley. Their discussion was going very exciting but soon they dropped the idea because they won’t be able to arrange the money needed to travel. We know how tight our pocket is during college times and still somehow we try to make the best use of limited money. I have been to Kasol and Kheer Ganga two times and this post is all about how you can make the trip well within Rs. 2000/-. Here is a step by step guide to save money and enjoy the best of Kasol and Kheer Ganga.

Beautiful Parbati river and valley somewhere between Manikaran and Kasol

Take an ordinary bus this time.

Drop the idea of going in a Volvo bus. I don’t think it makes a great difference in comfort level. Whenever road is bumpy, it will give you jerks in Volvo bus too.really, you can’t escape them even in Volvo. Take an ordinary HRTC bus from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Bhunter. You can book tickets for ordinary bus too from HRTC website . The buses are quite new mostly and they don’t run slowly. It will cost you Rs.613/- upto Bhunter. There is a semi delux bus also from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate costing 633/-.

Don’t book Taxi from Bhunter to Kasol.

There is a private bus every hour to and fro from Bhunter to Manikaran/Barshaini. It is just one and half an hour journey and why to spend 2000 bucks when you can reach in just 50. Bus service is very much reliable in timings so you need not worry.

Free or very cheap Accommodation

So take this bus and reach straightaway to Manikaran. Reach Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib. If you feel tired, take a bath in hot water spring and relieve all your tiredness. Now the point to be focused is that you can get accommodation in Gurudwara for two days without paying anything. Don’t is very easy to get a room as there are never so many people visiting and looking for accommodation there. After that work can have hot chapatis in lungar that is going on all the time. So this is how you get your free accommodation and food for whole 2 days you are going to spend there.

Fumes from hot spring at Manikaran.

Other cheap option of staying is in Tosh. Head directly to Barshaini from the private bus from Bhunter. From Barshaini take a small one hour trek (3Km) to Tosh. In Tosh, you get accommodation in beautiful wooden houses for around 150 to 200 Rs, a day. These houses have all the basic amenities and the gorgeous views of him-clad ranges. So these are kind of village home-stays which is worth experiencing.

If we do some mathematics, we will find that we have spent only 1000 or 1100 Rs. only with all your worries of reaching, staying and food over.

Kasol and Kheer Ganga Travel

You can use the above mentioned private bus for two and fro travel from Kasol to Manikaran to Barshaini. With that much money left you can have a sumptuous breakfast in Moonlight Cafe or any other Cafe of your choice in Kasol. One day can be spent in river watching, spending leisure afternoons in various Cafe of Kasol and just doing nothing. Read my earlier post about things to do or not to do in Kasol.

The next day you can start afresh for Kheer Ganga trek. Whether you are staying in Tosh or Manikaran, starting early to trek is always a good idea. Read about my Kheer Ganga trek experience here. During trek you won’t require to spend money except buying energetic Bananas or for breakfast. Having started early.. you will be able to comeback to Manikaran till dusk. Have a bath in warm waters again and go for sumptuous meal in Langar.

Rudra-nag Bridge towards Kheer Ganga trek (around halfway).
Towards the trek..
Kheer Ganga Top

Returning back to Delhi

With all the adventure might still have around Rs.800/- remaining in your tight pocket. With that much money you can again take an ordinary bus to Delhi and dinner at Dhaba where bus will be stopping for sometime.

Money is never a limitation when you are determined to leave. In fact it is a feeling of liberty if you see it from my eyes.

Originally published at on May 1, 2017.