Worth the food to those cities

Sometimes travel not just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, sit down and savor the time food is a journey worth taking. As the Michelin three-star restaurant that, with some cities, and you go to local food.

For the cleanest food take a trip to Jerusalem

Israel people are picky attitude to food ingredients, is unmatched anywhere else, I respect. Only kaosheer (KOSHER) certification, kosher is healthy, clean food. So even a stroll in the old city of Jerusalem, lunch-time casually looking for a small sit down in a restaurant, to a covered Tower cake (Pita), stuffed vegetables salad and fried Farah Meatballs (Falafel), and don’t have to worry about the stomach, absolutely safe and pollution-free.

In Israel, everyone loves the Homs (Hummus), every family would do in Homs, it is actually the chickpea spread, followed for thousands of years the material spirit of the handmade process and strict, it is really healthy food for all, whether small food stalls or restaurants, where I can see it’s shadow. In order to express my love of it, Chef last year near Jerusalem with chickpeas, sesame paste, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic modulation weighs four metric tons of hummus, set a Guinness world record, also received a hero’s welcome.

Apple and Curry scallop cakes take a trip to Tasmania

Tasmania in Southern Australia, is a small, rich island, there are many pastures, so very high quality lamb and beef and milk products are also very rich, and because sea, so seafood is very fresh, well received by locals like.

This island is renowned around the world, it is known as gourmet, many world-renowned chefs, who come to visit. The State capital Hobart in December of each year’s Food Festival to showcase its cuisine, locals like to Salamanca market this weekend to enjoy these delicacies.

Honey Nut Mille Feuille — Gaziantep

Gaziantepspor General, this is a gourmet of are, it is many traditional Turkey gourmet of birthplace, like honey nuts thousand layer crisp, also has Turkey version of meat clip bun, inside fill of is meat or cheese; also has together with name of snack, called beyran, it is with spicy lamb and rice together slow stew good of together dish, taste Rod very has, also can in Gaziantepspor General tasting to.

Gaziantep is Turkey’s biggest city in the South, and Turkey’s sixth-largest city in the territory. Over the years, Gaziantep cuisine due to its rich traditions and flavors, all over the world and Turkey the dish enjoys superior status. Gaziantep cuisine so special about lies in the attitude of prudent materials when you prepare food. All ingredients have been carefully selected.

A large number of spices, tomato sauce and different combinations, Gaziantep dishes bring variety of tastes and flavors. But out of the Gaziantep cuisine the best flavor and the best taste, food technology as important as the quality of ingredients.

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