The super delegates were bribed with money raised in Victory for Hillary fund before a Democratic…
Angel Schatz

The article you referenced, for some undisclosed reason, failed to note the $15M+ dispersed THUS FAR from the Hillary Victory Fund to individual state parties and/or individual down-ticket D candidates. BS does actually have an identical “super PAC” with the DNC (mirroring the joint D Hillary Victory Fund), yet his identical “super PAC” has only raised $1,000 (a donation from the DNC). BS has refused to raise a dime for this joint PAC as any funds raised must be shared, and at the end of the nominating process, any excess funds will be redistributed to the D Presidential candidate and state D parties. So much for supporting the underticket and unifying the party.

No “superdelegates” have alleged to even being approached with illegal bribed by HRC or her supporters. The unproven claim is patently false, and one that reeks of the desperation of a losing candidate.

As for receiving “super PAC” support, Bernie beats them all, benefiting more than any other campaign from the millions spent on his behalf. Not one dime nor any action taken in support of his nomination by the numerous “super PACs” have been refused or rebuked by BS or his campaign.