This has nothing to do with ethical nonmonogamy. This is polygamy. They’re very different.
Louelle Denor

It is an entirely different thing because people within are doing it unethically and monstrously, and people involved are suffering (the children brides, the wives who are not the first wife, the boys who are abandoned on the street to keep a profitable male-to-female ratio, the men who do not want to live polygamously), not just because “it is polygamy”.

If a person, after questioning, reflecting and deconstructing, consciously chooses to live in a polygamous (be it polyandry or polygyny) structure (because they do not see themselves needing more than one sexual and/or romantic partner; because they actively work toward a group of people connected by one sexual partner and a sister/brotherhood among the persons who are not sexually involved with each other; because their polyamorous structure ended up being a polyandrynous/polygynous one and decided to close the structure [polyfidelity] to new participants because of their own reflected upon and consented upon reasons), that polygamous structure is ethical.

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