Having traveled the world I’ve noticed one thing Americans do that virtually no other country does…
Suzy Soro


Actually it is, Suzy Soro — because the ACA is all the Dems saw fit to give us. To give us something closer to Single Payer, which the rest of the civilized world has, would cost their big-money donors…something, which was too much when you’re conscienceless and greedy as only Corporations can be. Not their fault, really — they’re designed like sharks are to be that way, to (a term I’ve come to loathe) “Maximize Shareholder Value”.

The ACA needs a lot more than just “tweaks” — it needs, at minimum, a massive overhaul that regulates Big Insurance and Big Pharma within an inch of their corporate lives, to prevent them from jacking up rates or coming up with “exceptions” to the copays they’re charging us without having to first jump through so many regulatory hoops that they won’t bother unless they Really Truly Need To. It also needs to cover the over 27 million Americans who still don’t have health care, because they can’t afford even the lower-priced health insurance (theoretically) available under the ACA, or because their state chose not to set up health exchanges. That the ACA is “Better than what we had”, or better than what Trump, Ryan, McConnell et al want to replace it with, is cold comfort given it’s still really crappy, overpriced, and doesn’t cover more than ten percent of Americans.

Under the ACA, we don’t attempt to find better options than the half-useful (but easier on the bottom line!) “Doctor’s Orders” unless it’s Life and Death— like when a close friend of mine needed surgery to remove prostate cancer, her insurance would only cover a cheap procedure that would leave her having to live with a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. She chose instead to take a form of surgery that would repair her Excretory System so that, six weeks later, she was able to have her colostomy bag shunt removed, and go back to a normal active life — and it only cost her $65,000 of her own money, since her High End Insurance refused to cover it! She had it to spend, admittedly, but at the cost of seriously eating into her retirement cushion….

We really need Single Payer — which means we need at least one, and ideally both, major parties to let go of that Big Insurance and Big Pharma money, and start representing us again, rather than Blue Cross or Pfizer.