Oh I’m sorry.
Eddie Mikus

It finally came out after Hillary was the presumptive nominee, Eddie Mikus — those of us who supported Bernie Sanders saw the non-Hillary voter caging, the sudden rules changes to favor Hillary, the selective use of election laws to disenfranchise anybody who wasn’t a Hillaryinsta, all during the Primaries. I worked the polls in New York State, and while legally we are supposed to hand out “Affidavit Ballots” (provisional ballots that are checked to see if the person voting that way is a registered voter in in the party claimed before being cast), I was prevented from handing them out to dozens of people who wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders, but somehow didn’t end up in the pollbook even though they’d registered!

So don’t you dare patronize me, Junior — I’m probably older than your parents, have been voting longer than you’ve been alive (probably than they’ve been alive!), and I have never seen as blatant a case of voter suppression than I saw in the Primaries to Ensure Hillary her Coronation. That Trump won despite his being the One Candidate She Could Beat (hah!) is just the icing on this entire rancid cake of you DNC Establishment Democrat baked for us all….