The teen vogue thing

Okay, catch-up time: what was with the whole thing about Teen Vogue having brains or something?

See the original ~ scorched earth ~ op-ed here: Donald Trump is gas-lighting America, and Slate’s breakdown here (or, if you prefer your breakdowns with a healthy side of sass, Jezebel’s recap here).

Tl;dr, Teen Vogue has actually been enlightened af especially as of May this year, when Elaine Welteroth became the mag’s first black top editor (and one of two black editors at Condé Nast), but also like………….teen girls are pretty intelligent????? Is this really news to anyone who has never been a teenage girl??? Like yes, we did all go through a weird neon green eyeliner phase, but also we basically invent modern language and deal with the weight of patriarchy CONCURRENTLY TO puberty.

Like Deez Links? Forward to a teen queen.

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