Growing. Mushrooms ❤

I am one of those people who absolutely loves mushrooms. I could have mushrooms every day and still enjoy them like the first time.
When I left my job in the International Office, my lovely team got me some amazing goodbye gifts. One of them was this GroCycle mushroom kit.

My present :)

I wanted one for ages but giving the fact that they are not cheap…I never got around to buy one. I always liked the idea of growing my own and having the pleasure of harvesting and throwing my fresh food right into the pot…no words! I even started off a mini window sill garden with herbs, tomatoes and chillies in the office and that`s probably why the mushroom kit made sense! And it does! I absolutely love it :)

And now the fun part! actually growing these beauties.

To my surprise, they grew much faster than predicted on the instruction sheet and I had them on my plate in a week!! one.week. And yes, they did taste really well ❤

Although I think that GroCycle is an excellent idea and I totally love the fact that the kit is made by using waste coffee grounds (which would otherwise be at the end of their life), I`m still not 100% convinced that this would be a sustainable way for me to get my mushroom intake. I would probably need 2 or 3 kits every week! not to mention how much that would cost… 
Anyway! totally worth it as a one-off experience ❤

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