Help University of London as They Attempt World’s First Twitter Sustainability Report


The Sustainability Team @University of London is not your usual bunch! (and yes, this comes from someone who`s part of that team!)

We usually come up with the craziest ideas when trying to promote sustainability so when it came to releasing our Sustainability report for 2016, we raised to the challenge!

We are attempting a world first by releasing our Sustainability Report through a series of tweets!!!#UoLCarbonCut

To see the report live, on Twitter, head to our page: @LondonEnviro and follow #UoLCarbonCut from 3pm on Wednesday 18th January.
As part of the promotion, we will be attempting a ‘thunderclap’, whereby 100 people will simultaneously tweet at the same time, creating as much noise on Twitter as possible. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account and would like to help us spread the message, you can do so by clicking support here:
We would really appreciate as much support as you are willing to give, the thunderclap is really easy, just click the link and click support and the app will simultaneously send a tweet about the report when we go live at 3pm on the 18th Jan. You can change the tweet to make it relevant to you and your followers.

We do really believe that sustainability is fun and sexy, and reporting on it doesn`t have to be dull and boring! If you believe the same, give us a hand in spreading the word on doing things differently.
Thank you very much in advance for your support on this!