Presentations make you nervous? Me too! And I love it ❤

Remember when you had to do presentations in highschool? I would always offer to have mine first and although most of my colleagues would absolutely hate them, they always had a positive vibe for me.

People say that it gets better with time and experience…I guess it does but you`ll still be nervous. Having done my fair share of presentations in school, at work or for interviews, I have developed my own mechanism of going through those intense 10 minutes before any given presentation.

Wanna know what I do?

I embrace it! that warm feeling going through your body, the shiver, feeling your heart beat in your chest, tickles in your palms…all of it! They are all such wonderful feelings that you rarely experience, so why not enjoy them?! Makes you feel alive … So to be very specific, those 10 minutes, all I do is acknowledge my feelings and think: “listen to my heart…beats so fast right now”, “wow, I`m all warmed up!”, “and what`s with this funny feeling in my stomach??” and wanna know something? After a few minutes…it all just goes away and I relax, all set for “Delia you`re up. Ready?” — and I am!

It`s funny how, if you desperately try to control your feelings and hide your emotions, they just won`t go away. But have a go at letting them take over and thinking that this is absolutely normal — and they will soon vanish.

I gave a presentation about a new project just now to 7 senior managers and it felt great! had my prep time, enjoyed those hyped minutes, relaxed, presented my project, answered questions and left. Looking forward to the next one!!