Zero waste guide — from Newbie to Master

The most natural question that came to mind when I discovered the Zero Waste concept was: How do I even get started? Well, it`s not that easy, but since I`m in the process of learning, I thought it would be useful to put together a guide. Hope others out there can also share their journey :)

You can do this today!

Newbie — things that you can change straight away:

~Say no to plastic bottles — take a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go! (I absolutely love my water bottle! ❤)

~Use tote bags for shopping and refuse any plastic bags (I always have one in my bag — you never know when you need it)

~Coffee drinkers — bring your own coffee mug (so many cute ones out there, I love this one)

~Going out? — refuse plastic straws (If you really like straws though, buy these)

~Stop buying paper towels and re-use cloth towels instead (this was a tough one for me as my dear boyfriend absolutely loved paper towels but we`re happy with our new cotton towels now)

Well done so far! keep going

Advanced — these might take a bit of time and practice but keep at it!

~Find stores near you that sell loose/in bulk produce. Bring your own cotton bags/jars/containers to fill up with goodies. Farmers Markets are a great place to get loose fruit and veggies. This is a tough one so don`t beat yourself up! make sure to recycle all packaging that you can`t avoid.

~Have a go at making your own beauty products. You can find a DIY recipe for anything and everything online! (I made my own deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, face mask and body cream ❤ they are as natural as it gets and it`s fun making them and experimenting with recipes)

~Next time you need a toothbrush, go for a bamboo one instead of plastic. (not even expensive!)

~Use soap and shampoo solid bars instead of liquid bottled ones.

~Use a safety razor & shave soap bar instead of disposable plastic razors and shaving foam.

~Use Soap Nuts as laundry detergent — I switched almost a year ago and I`m very pleased with them!

~Use a handkerchief rather than disposable tissues.

This is it!

Master — if you are here, well done! ready to go all the way?

~Ladies, switch to a menstrual cup (I`m honestly still struggling with this one :( fingers crossed I`ll get the hang of it) or CSP (cloth sanitary pads). It`s like a new world once you discover these!

~Shop second hand. Charity shops or Gumtree, Ebay, Amazon have brilliant second hand options. This will save you money too! I`m trying to avoid shopping ever since I watched The minimalists on Netflix :O They also do podcasts if you`re curious. Definitely recommend watching their documentary.

~Compost your food waste. I`m lucky to have my food collected where I live at the moment, but in my previous house, I used to compost in my garden ❤

That should be enough to get you to a Master level of Zero Waste lifestyle. I`m sure there are more little changes that you`ll discover along the way — would be great if you`d share to help others too :)