You talk about meeting and fighting for too many families who are living paycheck to paycheck…

Hillary Clinton didn’t abandon anyone. America abandoned HER.

Hillary Clinton is a living, breathing, human being, remember? The night of the election, she watched her ultimate dreams and hopes for America, and the dreams and hopes of her stallworthy supporters (including me), die an extremely painful death. What did you expect her to say that night? “We’re all now officially fucked.”? or “I’m in shock, just like millions of you- including the global community- (who I’m still expected to keep my shit together for) and tell you…” What? What could she have possibly said that night to those of us literally paralyzed by the election results? I’ll give you a hint.

There’s nothing she could have said to those of us who have been targeted/insulted/attacked (both physically and verbally) in one way or another by her opponent, himself, and/or his confrontational, violent basket of deplorable supporters (this is not a blanket statement regarding all of his supporters- most of whom I believe to be generally decent human beings). She didn’t abandon anyone. America abandoned HER. She owes the American people nothing. Hillary Clinton did her best to safeguard all of us, and I, for one, do not blame her for one second for not joining the misery at the Jarvis Center. John Podesta failed her as her campaign chair. Podesta earned, and richly deserved, that epic swan dive of a defeated speech. It gave him an opportunity to experience a scintilla of the despair Hillary Clinton has endured her entire adult life. He’s responsible (side note- he’s not alone) for America’s nosedive into political oblivion by leading the losing campaign of the most qualified, level-headed, shrewd presidential candidate our country has ever seen.

Hillary Clinton’s responsibility to do anything for anyone but herself started the moment the tally was “in”. It’s depressing to read an essay which, in essence, expected her to espouse hope- to be magnanimous and eternally grateful at the very moment of utter defeat. It wasn’t just her defeat- we all lost this election. Don’t get me wrong- she’s one tough lady who was out walking her dog while I was still curled up in the fetal position, alternating between tears and incredible anger. But even this tough lady ended election night in despair, horror, anger, fear, sadness, and the worst feeling of all- absolute betrayal by my fellow Americans.

So please, ask yourself- what exactly could she have said that night at the Jarvis Center that would’ve made you feel better? There wasn’t a single word or phrase she could’ve uttered that would’ve changed how I felt. I was emotionally destroyed. This election told her- and every forward-moving policy she eloquently, generously offered- “No. No thank you. But thanks for playing anyways.” Wednesday morning was tough enough for me.

I’m not surprised that folks actually had the audacity to expect her to appear on Tuesday night, in living person, just to join in the despair. I’m disgusted that this election season actually gave rise to pompous, selfish, thoughtless Americans who dehumanized her from the get, and then hypocritically expected her to make an effort to appease and console everyone but herself.

Hillary Clinton didn’t abandon anyone. America abandoned her.