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Yes- he is breaking every nonpartisan, all-American, traditional protocol created for incoming presidents, honoring the once-peaceful time period during the transfer of power. And you’re missing the important, life-altering, pocketbook costing global crises he’s creating when his ass shouldn’t be anywhere outside of D.C.

Please recall- President Obama knew “the swamp”. President Obama didn’t need an education in all things Constitution, government, or national security. President Obama understood the gravity of creating a new Administration (~4,000 jobs/appointments) and dedicated his intellectual capital to the vast amount of detailed information required of him to know to keep our country safe- both domestically and abroad- before he took the oath of office. And yes, former Senator Obama did travel to Germany while he was a presidential candidate- albeit, to Berlin (Brandenburg was in 2013)- in 2008 to speak to an estimated crowd of 1M (one million) people about the importance of Western UNITY and ending Bush’s war. He also discussed the incredible progress made through unilateral acceptance of all of humanity- sharing the stage with a female German leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Yet that’s not what the orange buffoon is doing. And you’re not seeing it because he’s not doing it. Don’t blame the media for your willful ignorance and easily-diverted attention. He’s skipping intelligence briefings to chat with mass-murders and business leaders alike. While he’s making and taking calls that are destabilizing regions of the world (see ASIA), he’s also tweeting bullshit that makes folks actually believe he gives a shit about American progress. I’m sure those Twitter rants make someone, somewhere feel all warm and fuzzy, but whatever happened to putting people to work building that wall of his? Why bother hosting scheduled press conferences (for actual MSM coverage) regarding Cabinet appointments when a shout-out during a “victory” speech to a half-empty arena will suffice? The media would be covering him like stink on shit if he was actively focused on being/becoming the next president. But he’s not. And you’re distracted. Or you just don’t care.

Instead, the MSM are breaking their collective necks trying to keep up with his maniacal antics throughout his “presidential transition” making appointments during his “victory” tour of Nowhereseville, MiddleofGodsCountry, while he’s transferring his investments during his unscheduled meetings with foreign leaders (Secret Service and National Intelligence be damned) as he retweets white supremacist’s hate-speech immediately after he’s watched the news and denounced the MSM for “inaccurately” portraying, and/or flat-out not covering his unintelligible, unintelligent, reality-star-like notions of what an American president should be and should get. He prefers to utilize a non-secure social media platform to throw shade and create havoc, and you’ve swallowed his bait- hook, line and sinker. Only it’s not just bait. It’s a switch. And you’re missing it. FOCUS.

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