The One includes the Both

not having time for yourself
not having time to relax
not having time to do that thing you love to do, but stopped doing because of… (lack of time, money, other personal obligations, fill in the blank)

someone else’s bad behaviour
your own addictive behaviour
lack of money
lack of fun
lack of love, joy, dancing, meaning, connection, fill in the blank

One camp says — it’s all you!
Pull up your bootstraps!
Get a grip!
Knock it off!
Make your own destiny!

Another camp says
it’s the environment
it’s your upbringing
it’s your this/that/them.

The camps want to draw a line and say it is either/or,
like destiny vs free will.

But ultimately the answer is — it is both.

It is both destiny AND free will.

It is both environment and other influences AND you.

This holy grail Unified Theory of one has been splitting things in half.

The One is the what the you creates from and with, in reaction to and rebelling against your environment.

It is confusing to understand because the premise used so often if wrong.

It’s all And’s, not Or’s.

A breath is not in inhale, or an exhale — it is both. That is the One.

You and your environment; what you make of it, how you interact with it, the influences of the mother/father/sister/brother/school all co-create the you that you become.

It is true that you are the master-choser. What you say, really does go.

When you say you are the victim to this and that, you are.

When you say you are the master of your fate, the commander of your destiny, you are.

The thing to notice is that all these “one thing”s are not a whole, not a One, only a part of the One.

The One includes the Both.

That’s what makes it One.

Stop claiming the half is the whole.

Stop claiming you’re just along for the ride, or that you are the only ride.

Take the wheel.

You are co-creating the ride, the one.

You, the big you, the spirit, energy, infinite You, is the master and commander, co-creating the ride and the scenery and everything that happens along the way.

You, the body-personality you, the one that the news points the camera at and says exists, or the little, finite you, is not the all of you.

It’s the scout. The part of you that has the emotions, thoughts, decisions, conclusions, choices and attitudes you know and love so well. The scout is the part that drives, and kisses and puts your toe in the water, has the emotions, and in all these ways and more, takes the readings of this experiencial life, and transmits that information to the ultimate you, the spirit, Infinite You.

The 2 you’s are co-creating this lifetime. Period.

The little you drives the car down Route 66 and the big you co-creates the buttes and the scenery, the tire blow out and the nice person who gives you a ride to the little town where you have home-made pie, meet nice people, and have your view of people, places and things expanded.

Or, little you responds to the blow out as bad luck and having to deal with yokels and delays in your plans and and and and… all that jazz.

Brakes break for a reason. Tires blow for a reason. You didn’t get that job-mate-bonus-prize for a reason.

Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. Frankl was the founder of logotherapy, which is a form of existential analysis, the “Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy".

He wrote a book called, Man’s Search For Meaning.

Story, the essence of words and pictures, metaphor — these are body’s first language, before words.

Bodies need story to digest, comprehend and engage with this living business.

Participating in the story, what did that mean? what does this mean? is how we participate in this 4-D creation commonly referred to as Life.

Participation begins at home — in your body, in your head.

Participate in every area of your life and you can’t help but win-win-win, unless you are determined to do otherwise.

“The quality of your involvement will be the measure of your reward.”

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