Going back to the basics, and how to recover balance in your life with help of Pilates.

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“Pay attention to signals from your body and mind.”

When something is going too far, it is definitely sending signals. If the balance is broken unconsciously, we fell down to any direction where we don’t expect before. That’s a fact of nature. We should apply the same even in our lives. When we are facing tough times, it happens to show in various ways. At times, we are fragile in these situations. There was a time when I went through similar experiences, too. …

Trees in Yosemite National Park
Trees in Yosemite National Park
“Harmony”, in Yosemite national park, 2016 — photo by myself

For someone who hesitates to take new challenges or who struggles with too many concerns, I would like this short writing to give them courage. I hope to keep coming out fun and interesting story through other people.


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It was the day that I have decided to live differently. I was a common employee in Samsung, which means I’ve been hardworking and spending a tough time in South Korea. The more I work every single day, the worse my health and mental get because I worked overtime almost every day.

“Tail wagging the dog.”

“주객전도(主客顚道)” we would say in Korean. …


Joy Lee

UX Designer | Pilates Lover🧘‍♀️ | South Korea🇰🇷

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