“I’m Your Man”

“Liveurope is seeking a Junior Communications Officer”… that sounds interesting. At the end of the job offer, I just couldn’t help thinking: “I’m your man”. Here are four reasons why.

1. Because Liveurope Is a Great Idea

Helping young artists to get on stages all across Europe is like a holy mission to me. For a musician, making a living out of music is a real hustle -my sister is a professional singer, so I see this struggle every day.

Today more than ever, bands need to go abroad to find their audience (or even their niche) in every country. Internet encourages this phenomenon but money doesn’t always come on time.

For me, that’s where Liveurope comes into play. The incentive system for the venues allows bands to play in foreign concert halls and expand their audience. Then they might be able to live off their music. But most importantly, I think this system encourages creativity, cultural sharing and cooperation. And that makes European music stronger as a whole.

2. Because Music Is my Life

I went to the AB for the first time in 1999. I was 7. Manau was playing that night. Later, I borrowed my dad’s Stratocaster and started a band called “Purple Tits”(we were 14). We never made it to the AB though, but it led me to understand what it’s like to be on stage, not really paid, with a malfunctioning P.A.

Guided by this need, I tried to integrate music into my studies every time I could. I tried to organize a festival in my secondary school, I launched my own Reggae-World Music program on the University radio and a year ago, I even started my musical fiction program on Radio Panik, called Memento. Apart from my role as presenter and producer of this broadcast, I am also responsible for the Memento Facebook page.

I am so passionate about sound and music that I went to New Orleans with a friend for our practical master thesis in journalism. We made a radio report about the specificity of music and musicians over there. It was called “Trombone pour être vraie”. We managed to have it broadcasted on Classic 21 and La Première (RTBF).

My theoretical master thesis went also full musical. I worked on cover bands’ strategy to get billions of views on Youtube. I read specific literature and analysed tons of videos from Karmin, Walk Off The Earth and Boyce Avenue. I learnt a lot about music and content strategy, fan communities, social medias and SEO.

Working with and for artists and concert venues is simply a dream that I wish now to come true. I have been preparing for this for a very long time.

3. Because I’m a Convinced European

My parents are French, I was born in Belgium. I hold a dual citizenship and I’m European by nature. I appreciated all the opportunities Europe gave me:

When I was 18, I went to London for a month of summer courses about Music Management . I improved my English the harsh way: simply by being surrounded by natives.

Europe also allowed me to live in Dublin for 6 months. I came back from this Erasmus stay with a weird accent but a stronger English. I enjoyed the buskers so much that I made a radio report about them. I even created a travel diary in the form of a radio project in which I explained how fun and important it was to meet people from all over Europe (with lots of music integrated of course).

Finally, thanks to my friends from Hungary, Ireland or Spain, I’ve discovered bands that I wouldn’t have heard of in any other way. As a matter of fact, the European market is too segmented and that’s why Liveurope is important to me: we need to discover what’s going on next door!

4. Because Communication Is What I Do

I’m a journalist. To spread a message through various medias is my job. My studies at IHECS taught me to write, to shoot photos and videos, to play with sound, graphic design and even with a little bit of HTML. Video interviews are definitely in my field.

As a web writer intern for Classic 21 (RTBF), I learnt to adapt my style to a brand, an audience, to the purpose of the message. I saw how people react on social medias depending on the title, the subject or the photo used. I even had two masterclasses about the web and social medias with Damien Van Achter during my studies. I know how important it is to e.g. implement a news watch and to be a hub of interest.

I also covered Classic 21 events as a photographer (here at the Blues Cafe)

I went further in this work of adapting my writing when I became journalist at DH Radio. As a news presenter, I have to be crystal clear, focused on the moment and quick in my decisions to respect the super strict deadlines.

I like working under pressure. As a technical supervisor for street performances at Lasemo Festival 2016 (see letter of recommendation), I constantly had to choose the right priority to reach my goals. I had a limited time to think. That was a thrill.

In terms of organization and intern communication, my experience as a transversal coordinator at Radio Panik was really interesting. I had to convince dozens of voluntary radio hosts to follow one theme in their program, with all the follow-up that it requires. I also had to organize meetings and workshops. I know what it’s like to gather people around a project and make sure everybody knows and understands what’s going on.


For all these reasons, I am applying to work for you as a Junior Communications Officer. I would love to bring to Liveurope my motivation, my skills as a journalist and organizer, my music culture and my knowledge of English. As you might have understood, this is my dream job. Be sure I would commit myself a hundred percent to developing this project because I believe in it.

If you’re interested in my profile, I will be happy to meet you to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, you can check my Linkedin and my Soundcloud pages to discover my previous projects.

Thank you very much,

Arthur Deligne