Delio, ‘Delipop’ — Blockchain P2P Donation Platform — helps Rising Soccer Players

Aug 13, 2019 · 2 min read
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Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Delio opened blockchain P2P donation platform named Delipop to expand donation culture.

Delipop is a service for crypto holders who are willing to share their assets to those in need, without the middleman, through a transparent P2P donation method.

The initial protagonists are our young and passionate soccer players. They are all talented children who struggle to become trained athletes mostly due to poverty and injuries that require rehab. Therefore, donators can volunteer to support their favorite players and watch their growth.

Delipop is a blockchain P2P donation platform that accepts DLO, BTC, and ETH. Some benefits are 1. all the data is transparent, ensuring credibility for both donators and beneficiaries. 2. the transactions do not require service fees. Finally, 3. fast and convenient for those living overseas. Delipop will launch its official website in this September.

Manager Helen Kim of Delipop said, “We hope to establish a healthy environment to expand donation culture especially through blockchain and cryptocurrency to spread positive awareness to the public.”

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[Originally written in Etnews, “블록체인 기부 플랫폼 ‘델리팝’ 축구 꿈나무 키운다” by Reporter Hyangseon Lee ( August 1st, 2019 []

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