Delion Project News 26th April 2019

853 MN launched so far!! The growth is so fast. Thank you for all investors.

MAY-JUNE will be our months! Here are some leaks for our valuable community and investors:

1. Marketing and promotion will be mainly on twitter and bitcointalk forum in form of bounties.

2. We will develop indonesian community separately and will cover all about blockchain and masternodes in it, we bring awareness and education about blockchain and masternodes to Indonesians.

3. On delion youtube channel we will cover many things related to masternodes in Indonesian language.

4. Our plan to launch DEX is temporarily postponed and will be included in our long term plan (no exact date). …

Delion Coin

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The only known currency that will be used on Delion Stock Exchange, DelionDex and Delion’s Investment Platform. Delion Coin will be widely used in an enormous number of volume, that’s why we design infinite max supply and quite big number of masternode rewards. Scroll Down to learn more about Delion Coin and find links and resources for your need

Coin Specifications

Name: Delion Coin
Ticker: DLN
Total Supply: Infinite
Reward Split: 20% PoS, 80% Masternode
Masternode Collateral: 5,000 DLN

Links and Resources

Whitepaper v1.0:

Delion Project — Connecting Blockchain with Real Sector Business

Delion Project was started with the launch of Delion Coin blockchain named Delion Coin (which will be explined separately).

We are a well established Financial Technology company in Indonesia that look the benefit of blockchain and we think to collborate the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business with real sector business like construction, food and beverages, farming, factories and many more.

Delion Project vision is focus on two things:

  1. To be a masternode driven project.

Currently so many investors are struggling with technical things to invest in masternode business. We want to eliminate the barrier and become all-in-one masternode solution in one platform and this platform is powered by Delion Coin which is also a masternode coin. …

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