[SF] Outlanders

Dutch oven pancakes — you are my new love!

San Franciscans love to brunch — so much so that a wait of 90 minutes (or more) is “expected” on a weekend for a good brunch place. Although a bit further out from city center, Outlanders in the Sunset District, still draws a massive crowd for brunch. Why? You will understand when you taste their Dutch oven pancakes. Really now, how different and spectacular can pancakes be? I respond with “have you ever had pancakes that are slightly crispy, yet fluffy and airy on the inside with savory sausages that are perfectly offset by light maple syrup?” erm…utter yummy goodness (even for a non-pancake lover like myself)!

Some tips to consider while you wait for a seat at Outlanders:

(1) Put your name on the list and give Outerlands your phone number to be alerted via text when your table is ready.

(2) Trot down to “Trouble Coffee Company” to get your coffee fix and order a cinnamon toast or one of the other baked goods served there.

(3) Take a walk down to ocean beach and enjoy a good conversation with your brunch partner(s). Alternatively, stop by the “General Store” to check out some knickknacks and whatnot. Or do both! (You may have time to spare.)

(4) Consider arriving towards the end of brunch service (place your name on the list by 1:30pm or 1:45pm — latest) for a chance at reduced wait time (~90 mins to ~35 mins but not guaranteed). WARNING: If you choose this risky option, you should be prepared to miss out on brunch altogether! That is, if you are not seated by 3pm (closing time), you will not have brunch there. GASP! Not for the risk adverse folks.

Outlanders Bloody Mary
dutch pancakes based in a cast iron pan: savory maple-sage sausage
eggs-in-jail w/cauliflower, garlic, bacon (but they ran out of bacon so replaced w/wild mushrooms)
lemon pound cake with fresh figs and crème fraîche
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