Provide More Film Distribution Deliverables Materials To Maximize Publicity For Your Film

You have labored long days and finished shooting your film and now it has to be screened at the film festivals to get the attention of the public and the distributors. When you deliver the film to the distributors after they have shown the liking to your film you cannot just relax on your laurels but also provide film distribution deliverables so things start moving slickly for your baby. Apart from the format in which the film will be screened at various platforms there are other things that you need to deliver so the film is accepted as a comprehensive package by the distributors.

Among other things there is the Poster Art which has to come across loud and clear and it has to be clean poster art to be accepted by VOD platform unlike the theatrical posters that usually rely on laurels from festivals, quotes from reviews, billing block and taglines. You as a film maker must send layered in Design or Photoshop files so they are compatible to the various platforms. Publicity is important and it could be whipped up these film distribution deliverables, delivered to the distributors post production. You must hand over extra materials or bonus materials to maximize publicity for your film and increase the public relation and marketing efforts. The materials could better be highly creative so it catches more eyeballs and minds.

Here we will mention some of the bonuses and they are exclusive scenes, interviews, outtakes, extended scenes, deleted scenes, bloopers, commentary, promotional clips and behind the scene footage. Apart from providing these materials you could also reserve some of the best selected clips so you can show it exclusively at the press meeting before the film is launched. Preparing a press kit is significant and it would include the synopsis, information of cast and crew, production stills, and publicity stills. It is the standard list but you can add more which you consider useful. A filmmaker will find it hard to assemble all these but a professional outfit which deals with film distribution deliverables will do it with consummate ease. Let us deliver the deliverables for your film as we are professional film production post deliverable company and we have delivered to hundreds of films in our lifespan and will do it for you at cheapest rates possible. Visit us at

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