Donald Trump and The Definition of Insanity
Shane Snow

got to be the saddest portrayal of information ever known to mankind. it is obvious what your personal beliefs are on all levels. you witness the world through want and not necessity. you find yourself ( how I don’t know) non the less you find yourself as your best witness of your accuracy. you hide your ultimate beliefs behind pages of rhetoric that does nothing to dispute the lies that you believe. you have set up camp for a globalist agenda that you believe in some preconceived perverted way will be better for everyone and really are only concerned with whether it is good for you and even that is a failure. it is only to your own betrayal that you in a blank dark conscience state advertise your own end, your own failure and your ability to do believe there is nothing you can do about the world or your situation. Except your blatant and outright display of agreeing to the power that wants all of not just your possessions yet also your mind and soul and spirit. you believe by writing such absurd rhetoric that you can have a part of the big picture. YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE BIG PICTURE. YOU ARE GIVING IN TO YOUR SELFISH AMBITIONS THAT MANY OTHERS HAVE IN COMMON AND THAT REALITY FOR YOU WILL BE SOON COMING

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