I’m Hiring an Intern — ‘18

As I do every year, I’m hiring an intern for the Summer of 2018. I’ll only hire one, and this is the closest thing there will be to a job posting.

I can’t tell you what you’ll be working on, because I don’t know. But what I can do is promise you a few things:

  1. It’ll be the hardest internship you’ll ever have.
  2. If you earn it (and you should), you’ll have more autonomy and responsibility than any other internship you could take this Summer.
  3. You’ll work directly with me on: new product launches, new market expansion, BD deals, launching new revenue channels, and all-things-operations at Omni.
  4. You’ll come away with hundreds (maybe thousands) of new relationships, connections, and a first-hand look at what being a COO at a early-stage startup really looks like.
  5. You’ll also get exposure to our incredibly talented Exec team, with folks from Airbnb, Amazon, and more.
  6. I’ll be an open book. Any question, any ask, any meeting, anything you need — I’ll block time to make it happen.

I’ve made full time offers to 100% of my past interns, including Kelsey, last year’s intern who will be joining us full time later this Summer. You can expect the same if you come here and kill it.

This is (of course) a paid internship, and you’ll be based in SF — but almost certainly travel.

If you think you’re the one, send me a note and share why: r@beomni.com — you’ll hear back in a few minutes.

Let’s go!