Easy Way to translate your REACT-NATIVE app

Hey guys, today I Wanna show you a simple way to translate your app.

So before start I like to warn if you want something more elaborate check it out this repo react-native-i18n.

First of all we need to import NativeModules from ‘react-native’ that provide us a atribute localeIdentifier at I18nManager which in turn has a string like that “en_US”.

import { NativeModules } from 'react-native'

After import we will implement a method that find inside object if the given term exist on current localeIdentifier.

function __translate(term) {

//check if localeIdentifier exists
if (NativeModules.I18nManager.localeIdentifier) {

const i18nLocale = NativeModules.I18nManager.localeIdentifier;


//Check if has registered terms in current i18nLocale;
if (TERMS[i18nLocale]){

//Return the registered or empty string to prevent error
return TERMS[i18nLocale][term] || '';

} else {

//Check if has language without a especific region like
//Example en-CA to en
const simplei18nLocale = i18nLocale.split('_')[0];

return TERMS[simplei18nLocale][term] || '';


Note that method will first looking for a language with locale “en_US” or “en_CA” and if there is no locale he just try to check if is at least the language “en” or “es”.

To prevent errors if no terms just return a empty string.

Now we going to write the method that save the terms.

const TERMS = {};
function setTerms(i18nLocale, objectTerms) {
TERMS[i18nLocale] = objectTerms;

And then we just use like that

"COMMENT" : "Comment"
"COMMENT" : "comentario"
"COMMENT" : "Comentário"
return (<View><Text>{ __translate("COMMENT") }</Text></View>);

Wait, it’s not over yet. So many apps need not only translations but also terms in the plural and singular.

Doing this is very easy, just take a look!!!

function pluralOrSingular(term, value) {
if (value !== 1) {
return __translate(`${term}_PLURAL`)
return __translate(`${term}_SINGULAR`)
"COMMENT_PLURAL" : "Comments",
pluralOrSingular("COMMENT", 1) // Comment
pluralOrSingular("COMMENT", 2) // Comments

Full code

or https://github.com/tawsbob/examples/blob/master/js/react-native/lang.js

I hope you enjoy this little tip, I’m brazilian and my english is not very well but I´m trying to get better every day, sorry if I made a mistake.

If this post was helpful to you or if you have any suggestions please leave your comment, thanks!!!!!!

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