We often use many arguments to encourage further inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem building. One of these arguments is often the positive long-run impact on the nation and local economies by ensuring that inclusivity is a normal practice in our ecosystems. One of the things I have rarely heard outside of the discussion around demographic shifts and which companies create the most net new jobs is an explanation as to WHY inclusivity creates better and more economically efficient output. I will explain this in this article. …

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There is logical practice and there is actual practice. Often times these two things are not the same. The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated the difference between the logic and actual practice of supporting local entrepreneurs. This, in turn, illuminates why entrepreneurship ecosystem building should have been prioritized long ago, and should be prioritized even more today. This article examines the logic of entrepreneurship ecosystem building using the current crisis as a backdrop. It suggests some major action steps entrepreneurship ecosystem builders need to take to advance the field and position the field to better help our economy recover.

Ecosystem Building…

If many of you have been following the Oscars, and issues of diversity in award shows, you will be familiar with Steve King’s statements that he does not consider diversity in art. I think this is important to unpack, because on the surface he is right, but when you dig a little deeper he is very wrong. For those who have not seen his tweets they are as follows:

“I would never consider diversity in matters of art. Only quality,”

“It seems to me that to do otherwise would be wrong.”

At first view, this seems to be fair. I…


A., Morawetz, N., & Soga, L. (2019). The complementarity perspective to the entrepreneurial ecosystem taxonomy. Small Business Economics, 1–16.


Qualitative, using an interpretive approach through interviews.

Why This Research Is Important

This research is important to the field because it provides a deeper understanding of how different elements that drive entrepreneurship ecosystems work together to develop a strong functioning ecosystem. It shows how a weakness in one ecosystem element can be offset by strength in another element. It points to the role (loosely speaking) that ecosystem builders can play in helping coordinate the elements so they compliment each…

Citation — Yan, Y., & Guan, J. (2019). Entrepreneurial ecosystem, entrepreneurial rate and innovation: the moderating role of internet attention. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 15(2), 625–650.

What Makes It Cool

This research article does two really cool things. First, it argues that the rate of entrepreneurial attention in the ecosystem directly contributes to the rate of new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial attention is a potential entrepreneurs perception of the opportunities for support, resources, and favorable policies in their ecosystem. …

Dell Gines

I believe that all communities deserve the right to have tools and strategies to help them prosper and be economically sustainable. www.iamdellgines.com

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