Introducing Biztera’s Enterprise Edition

I am excited to share Biztera’s new enterprise edition with you.

We have expanded our product features to address the decision-making needs of fast-growing teams and medium-to-large organizations. Here are some highlights.

Custom Fields

· Wanna add departments, location, projects, planets…? Whatever you desire, the choice is yours.

· Wanna set rules, like “the founder automatically approves all requests from Marketing, and anything over $200K”? Have at it.

· Is your organization based in Berlin, Shanghai, or anywhere in the galaxy? No problem. You can specify an “amount” field, and customize its currency.

· Do you operate within budgets? Are budgets often re-negotiated? You can add budget-related fields.

· Do team members often come and go? Does the organization structure often change? No worries. We have solutions for that.

Insightful intelligence you cannot obtain anywhere else.

You can track how much has been approved or denied versus the budget you’ve set, and slice it any which way you desire.

Say you are the CFO of Sweetley, an organic ice-cream store chain.

James, ops director, creates a request in Biztera, seeking permission to add cupcakes in one store as an experiment.

Ordinarily, Shelley, the founder, only sees requests for more than $100K. But she wants to see and approve all requests from James after you have approved them. So this request automatically comes to you. With Biztera’s sequential workflow, Shelley won’t be bothered until it is her turn to take action.

You are about to engage in a conversation, when you notice that Becky, the moderator, has edited the request. Becky is like a superhero. She has the power to read and edit all requests. She knows that $30K won’t cut it. She changes the amount requested to $40K. She adds two tags to the request’s description. #cupcakes and #expansion.

You fire off a comment: @James, why cupcakes? why not muffins or bars…?

James explains that he has worked with the store manager to informally survey customers. Cupcakes are the top choice. You want more details about the cupcakes. You require an action with your next comment.

You’re finally satisfied. You approve, and so does the founder.

Now, on to other important things. You want to analyze each department’s stance with respect to its budget. You get the info you need from Biztera, and start poring over some informative charts. You look at Store Ops first. Wow! The department was at budget, but many requests were denied.

It’s nice to have real-time visibility into budget versus spend requests!

If you think the enterprise edition might be helpful to your organization, please give it a shot. Send us a note at [email protected], and we’ll turn the enterprise features on for you. We’d love your feedback.

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Originally published at on March 21, 2016.

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