Things worth protecting

In our lives, there are many things we know we need to protect. Our family, our friends, our home, our money, etc. These are tangible things. We can see the impact of our care.

But what of the intangible things? Things like sleep, attention, and emotions? These are things that seem to be under assault.

It’s almost a badge of honor to say, “I’m tired.” Or, “I’ve worked so much, I’m exhausted”. Yet, lack of sleep decreases congnitive functioning and increases weight gain.

Our attention is another thing that we seem to give away without much thought. “I’m busy!” we say. How many people have the TV on while looking at Facebook? Yet, attention is a precious gift. There’s an enormous productivity boost when you devote your attention to a single task. People around you feel like you care when you give them your undivided attention. It is only through deep, unwavering focus that people can develop mastering in skills or deep knowledge in a topic.

Our emotional state, too, is precious. People are angry everywhere. They push it in our face. People may light of depression and mental illness. “It’s only in your head” is a common statement. Yet, stress and depression have a lasting physical impact. We’re more suspecible to disease.

Thinking too is under assault. Social media and culture assault our ability to sit and use our brains. Yet, without good critical thinking skills, we fall victim to fake news ad charlatans. Without planning and strategy, we drift along through life. Without reflect and introspection, we never learn from our past and we never understand our reactions to the world around us.

We should be be more mindful of these things in the coming months. We should strive to protect our sleep, our attention, our thoughts, and our emotions as much as we seek to protect our homes, our families, and our assets. Many things in upcoming year are out of our control. Let’s focus on the things that are.

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