A recipe on Learning Things Fast

As a species we are one of a kind (for now). We have a primitive and a younger part of our brain that together makes us capable of understanding complex things, create abstract ones and make up invisible solutions that can solve impossible problems.

Although we possess this power, we need to train it so it can work properly, almost like a muscle, it don’t use it it will “shrink”. We exercise our brain by studying new concepts and exercising the new adquired information by iterating through different exercises and scenarios (this process is called learning).

Our hability to learn new things is not totaly related to our intelect or biology but rather our behaviour and interest in the subject.

If you want to learn things faster and with good results you should do just two things:

1.Try to connect it with your comfort zone and be creative.

Want to create a anime story? Make small cartoons of your boss and coworkers, etc. Create a good story and plot and see what they think.

Want to learn a new language? Start learning how to talk about what you like: your hobbies, your work, your fields of study, etc.

Want to learn a new career skill? Try to implement with your current work by making small iterations of the process, don’t read and build right away, it will overwhelm you in any minor mistake.

2.Test what you have learned in the real world with real people.

Try to create something tangible to show and test with others, go to meetups with those that share your newly fields of interest. Focus on both people that are on your level and those that have more expertise.

Participate in chat rooms or blog groups. These are the fastest way to get more information while at home. Read, ask and give some answers if you can help.

I’m finishing my post earlier today but I hope you had a good time reading and above all this can be helpfull in anyway possible.


Delmar Almeida

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