Here’s my 2nd daily exercise of writing for 15 minutes. It took me more then 15 minutes to finish this though….. Hope you don’t get a disappointing reading :)


Here I am trying to write things with(out) some sense, but hardly having any luck with it. So, I’ll make a brief introduction about me: my most noticeable flaw is my constantly loss of focus. Every friend of mine know’s that by now.

In my social life losing my focus over things is not that bad, I don’t usually get repercussions that ruin my life over night or anything like that, but on my professional life that is a big deal.

So, since I’m conscious about my flaw I came across some tricks to prevent it. Nothing extraordinary but here’s some of them:

  1. I take mental notes when and where I’d lose my focus. Was it during a conversation? What was I doing at the moment? Was I saying something or just listening? What were my sorroundings? These details were very important;
  2. I try to remove or avoid everything that would make me lose focus. For example, right now I’m working on some websites, both UI and coding, but for each one I do lose focus with different stuff. I’m creative while hearing classical music and that’s good when I’m working on the UI but unfortunately that doesn’t work when I’m working on a piece of code. So no classical music for me while coding;
  3. You can take very seriously the topic above but try not to avoid people, try different approaches like taking a meeting/calling/texting for later that day, if this doesn’t do the work try to use another distraction to that same person (a distraction that doens’t harm in any means);
  4. Since it’s not always possible to avoid whatever makes me lose focus what I also do is to plan before hand what I have to do. During meetings I’m not bad at improvising but, never the less, I do plan what are my goals in attending that same meeting;

I thing these points can work for different problems and people who do need to solve them. Thanks for reading!

Cheers :)

Delmar Almeida

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