Our metaphoric walls of tomorow!

Time passes by so quickly to us that it takes time until we understand how much real time we do have until we die. How much time does it take until we understand it’s concept and reality? How does time works and how can we take the best advantage against our worst and only true enemy.

Everyday we spent our time thinking about tomorow: “what if we die today and don’t accomplish what we can tomorow”. Instead, we should take a moment to program our life and decide what we will do to this world with our lives. What kind of footprint do we want to leave in this world and people.

Our fear to lose our time with meaningfull actions devastates us. It also overwhelms me and I do try to circle around this obsessive thinking of “if’s" and “when".

Looking at time as if it was a physical hourglass made me feel miserable, so much that I rushed to accomplish things, to get things done, making me spent most of my time with more useless moments that felt like I was doing nothing at all.

It took me too much time to understand how time works. Right now any action I decide to take I plan it before hand. I sit down with a pencil and some paper (actually lots of paper) so I can write about it, sketch some lines of the paths that I’ll take, mind maps will do to, and finally devide it in steps with timelines.

Time doesn’t slow down it’s pace so you have to rush in order to keep up and each time you manage to catch up with it. Eventualy time will speed up a little more each time you manage to catch up with it.

I figured that time is actually against us so the only way around it is by joinning “his” playground and play by “his” rules. Don’t rush into things, take your time and do things at your own tempo.


Delmar Almeida

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