Today I’m going to tell a story of a failed unicorn!

Once upon a time there was this guy that for now I’ll call him William the foe (puns intended)!

William was unemployed searching for a job. He would send emails with his resume, reply eagerly to every email, go to the companies headquarters and present himself as a spiritfull and responsible young guy with lost of guts to work and be challenged everyday.

Desperate as he was he accepted less rewarding jobs not from his field and of minor interest.

After months of feeling anguished about his dreams and the need to do greater things he heard about startups, Steve Jobs, enterpreneurship and felt like it was time. That his calling was here and he awoke is joy again. He followed some entrepreneurship programs, learn about business models (and canvas) lean startup methodologies and all the ration people in startup culture have for breakfast.

So after all that he goes forth with a startup! Lets call the startup “Unicorn #2017¹⁰⁰⁰” (joking, Unicorn1 will do).

Unicorn1 was going to solve lots of problems and would sell a lot, it would be the top startup of the world after Apple. Unfortunately Unicorn1 had the sole problem almost every startup has: no clients, no revenue no business model and no product. It was just an idea and after crossing work with lots of designers, developers, psicologists, and coffee machines Unicorn-1 never really “lifted off”.

William lost almost 2 years adventuring in the startup world but it was all in vain. All lost, no cash, no job, nothing and above all no girl. He had to restart from 0 (zero) again.

Truth be told, not everything was lost after all, this adventure brought networking, contacts, lots of failure on HOW TO NOT FUCK UP A STARTUP.

With new knowledge came new responsabilities and William invested in a new career and found another passion working with his previous knowledge and the new adquired ones. If he didn’t risk with his startup he would never be were he his right now. Well he is not pretty good but he is way better then he was before ahahah.

What can we take from this story:

  1. The true reward of a goal it’s the journey and challenges you take, so don’t set your eyes on the finishing line all the time;
  2. Never give up and never surrender, there is always a way to start over and take what you learned to good use;
  3. Follow your heart (sorry Steve, I know this is your quote) without stepping on others, be true to others and you’ll be rewarded eventually;
  4. Failure == Learning (failure is equal to learning). No one borns with knowledge you need to gather it. If you don’t know something like “how to run a business” it is not shameful. The only shame is to know you need some kind of skill and not invest in it;

For anyone that didn’t discover the true identity of our William the foe here it is: William is every single one of us. Without trying and failing we do not grow, we do not get smarter and we do not mature to a full-fledged adult of ourselves.

Our genetics makes how we are but our risk taking decisions defines who we are.

Thanks for reading.


Delmar Almeida

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