Have It Your Way With Packaging

The holiday’s are approaching, and so will anxiety if you’re not organized. This time of year is the profound time of all things gifts and decoration. That leads us to the question, “what’s proper gift giving without the proper packaging?” Let’s not limit ourselves to just the holiday season, you can use this technique for any type of celebration, or to create storage to minimize clutter. There are a multitude of ways you can wrap and/or package your things. Let’s note that the gifts can range anywhere from electronics, to dessert. Yes, dessert. With that being said, what ideas do you have in mind?

There is an endless amount of ways in which you can box your gifts. You can recycle old jewelry boxes you no longer have a need for, transform an empty shoe box, or visit your local crafts store for a few mason jars. The transformation is quite simple. You can use colored fabric, textured fabric, and just about any recycled paper or material you once enjoyed but find yourself having trouble how to use in a new way.

The first DIY idea is the traditional paper gift box. This gift box can be recreated in different ways depending on your desired pattern of construction paper. Yes, simple construction paper is the sole necessity for complete transformation. Another awesome DIY packaging idea are the newspaper bags. It’s safe to say that everyone has a few (perhaps more than a few) old sheets of newspaper laying around, and now it’s time to turn put it to use instead of trashing it! The DIY paper bags using newspaper are extremely simple to make by molding the gift or material being wrapped in basic newspaper. To add a bit of personality to the bag, add photos, glitter, and/or paint to just name a few. The DIY packaging idea that tends to take care of clutter and acts as a storage tool is the paper treasure box. The paper treasure box is an unique spin on the traditional paper gift box. To build upon the gift box, you simply repeat the pattern of creating the traditional paper gift box, and before you know it you’ll have all the compartments to glue together for storage.

You’re probably wondering when are we going to talk about the dessert DIY packaging ideas mentioned earlier in the article, and the time is now. Everyone loves dessert, especially candy. Candy is the best on-the-go dessert if you need a quick sugar fix. Candy boxes can be created in a few different ways to ensure the candy stays fresh throughout the day. The DIY cookie mason jar is the perfect approach to storing your goodies. Why settle for using our mason jars solely for cookies? Let’s add our candy, ensure the top is screwed on tightly, and stick the jar in whatever bag we’re carrying for an all day fresh dessert.

Remember that there are various ways to package, and nothing is off limits. With bottles, jars, construction paper, old boxes, and a creative head you are already ten steps ahead. If you want to simplify any packaging or wrapping DIY activity, note that there are DIY wrapping paper ideas as well!