Commit Resilience

David Delmar
Nov 16, 2016 · 2 min read

This is not a political statement.

This is not a protest of the results of the election, but rather of the wave of hate crimes catalyzed by it. There are those who have chosen to interpret the results of the election as permission to express dominance of a group of people over another group of people. Black churches have been burned. Threats, veiled and overt, have been etched into spaces of prayer and reflection. We have a responsibility to counteract that bigotry, and show solidarity with those most vulnerable, and most isolated. We have a responsibility to reflect the values of pluralism that define us, because the tenor of American culture is not set by a governing entity, but by American people. We must present the youngest Americans with the moral compass our parents and grandparents have demonstrated to us, along with the resolve to fight for it, and the vernacular with which to articulate it to the world.

There are those among us who are offended by our amnesty to those who need it most. We will offend them further. If they are threatened by our efforts to make this country more inclusive, we will throw open the doors to our homes and our businesses, irrespective of what is or is not mandated by law. We will redouble our efforts to make the American Dream accessible to all; even to those who believe we have no right to it ourselves.

We will continue to make advances towards equity, in the most American tradition there is: We will outwork those who work against us.

We invite to join us, by sharing a single commitment that you will make to yourself and to your community, along with the name of the person in whose honor you make the commitment.

David Delmar

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Activist, designer/dev, artist, and founder of @resilientcoders