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Delo Vospriyatiya
2 min readMay 5, 2022


Are you ready to become a presenter of the trending podcast about morning rituals and good habits? You’ll get all the necessary material: from voice tasks to marketing strategy.

The podcast ‘It’s time to wake up!’ by creative studio ‘Perception matter’ (Delo vospriyatiya). The author and presenter in Russia: Alexander Vereshchyagin. This podcast is for those who want to start the morning with a good action. And put themselves in a good mood for the whole day. Only for 5 minutes before your job!

Launch the podcast in your country

You’ll get the right for the studio logo to use. And all the necessary for creating your podcast:

1. Podcast scripts;

2. Covers and artworks;

3. Marketing plan;

4. Voice tasks;

5. Homepage

We’ll help you with audio, photo and video programming. We’ll tell you all the highways and byways and will help you with the ads. By selling the ads in your podcasts, you’ll convert your hobby into the job, which will give you pleasure.

You’re the morning superhero

Participation in the studio project is totally free! We want people to listen to the good podcasts. And make real their habits, which will help them to be smarter. It’s hard to find some time for ourselves in contemporary world. Thanks to the podcast listeners can put the time on pause and continue doing what they postponed many times but have planned for so long.

The podcast ‘It’s time to wake up!’ in your country

The podcast ‘It’s time to wake up!’ in Russia gained popularity. It’s time to reach new heights. We can’t deal with it without you!

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Why do you want to become a presenter of the podcast.

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‘It’s time to wake up!’ — is a podcast for those who start the morning with the main things. With good practices of morning rituals for better background before the job.

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