Across the Wide Missouri: Social democracy in one county!

Phillip Brownlee: Johnson County Raises Taxes to Raise Quality of Life: “The contrast was striking…

…Last Wednesday the Sedgwick County Commission adopted a budget that cuts funding to the health department and a range of other services, partnerships and community attractions while reducing property taxes a tiny amount. The next day the Johnson County Commission approved a 14 percent property tax increase so it could invest more in parks, libraries and public transit. The purpose of the tax increase, one commissioner said, was to maintain the ‘high quality of life’ that Johnson Countians are used to, making it a ‘desirable place to live.’

Johnson County majorities vote at the state level for state representatives who support Brownback’s destruction of the functionality of Kansas’s state government, and then turn around and vote for county commissioners who will hold county residents’ services harmless via raising local taxes. Why the quadrille? The marginal voter in Johnson County appears to want, above all, to keep any of their tax dollars from flowing to the meth-addled losers of western Kansas, to the people with boom-boxes in Wyandotte County, or to the oil- and water-pumpers of Wichita.

Is there a state with less feeling that all residents are engaged in some common project? Less assibayah, as Ibn Khaldun would say?