Comment of the Day: Nathanael: What Is the American Principles Project?: “’How does opposition to contraception and abortion and advocacy of discrimination…

“…against homosexuals get tied up with the gold standard and the elimination of the pro-poor redistributionist social ethic of Jesus Christ?”
It’s called ‘the patriarchy’. Or, by some modern writers, the kyriarchy. It’s a system where the primary goal is a strict social hierarchy where everyone is stomping on the people below them. Read bell hooks’s Feminism is for Everybody — it’s a very short book. Explains the whole thing.
…Okay, it doesn’t exactly explain the inclusion of the gold standard, but you know enough economics to understand why it’s there: the gold standard encourages deflation, therefore it helps support inequality, therefore it helps maintain the hierarchical structure of the patriarchy.
Yes, the answer to these questions is in the Women’s Studies department. Cross the quad more often, Brad!