Live from Portland Art Museum: Josh Marshall: Keeping His Distance from the RINOizer: “This is Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders

…a rather self-congratulatory book by Ryan, Cantor and McCarthy heralding a new generation of more ideological and more aggressive Republican congressional leaders who were going to take the fight to President Obama… published just before the 2010 mid-term election…. The three… played a key role in bringing about the new GOP majority that took over in 2011 and building the spirit of confrontation that characterized it. And yet, look at the picture. Eric Cantor is now working as an investment banker after undergoing the abject humiliation of being tossed from office… by a right wing primary challenger… an uber-RINO who paid the price.
Kevin McCarthy is the former Speaker designate who I’m still not sure is actually going to be able to hold onto the Majority Leader position… [and has essentially joined Cantor.
And that brings us to Paul Ryan…. The only guy left still in good standing of any sort with conservatives. Remember the whoops and hollers at that convention when McCarthy’s destruction was announced? It was tenfold about Cantor. The simple truth, which Ryan undoubtedly knows, is that the House leadership is a RINO-fying meat grinder. You enter a proud conservative with a bright future ahead of you and you’re ground out a few years later as a RINO, squish loser. For Kevin McCarthy it only took a few days….
[There’s] a structural breakdown in the Republican party…. Leadership is not sustainable without [Tea Party] support. And yet what they want simply cannot be delivered…. Ryan has maintained his viability by keeping his distance from the leadership RINOizer. And doing so has served him splendidly. Why he would choose to enter it… is difficult to comprehend.